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If the above resonated with you and you can give a big fat F*CK YES to changing your mindset NOW, book a 30 Min Clarity Session - a complimentary, powerful laser coaching session.

Want to see some exponential change in your life? Read more about my services and just what epic change YOU can make.

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The Powerfully Simple Podcast

What is simplicity? How does it apply to coaching, to our continued growth and development? How does simplicity apply to making monumental change in our lives, from hopeless, directionless, depressed, stressed, to creating our happiness, abundance and contribution?

Find out here: host El will be answering these questions, sharing her personal story of transformation, and interviewing other pioneers in coaching and living simply.

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The Creating Simplicity Course: 30 Days of Powerful Lessons

Lessons, insight, advice and techniques to get you clear on, and creating the simpler life you’d love.

Expect to be challenged - this isn’t a "declutter in 24 hours” group, this isn’t a challenge to own only 4 pairs of socks. This is applying life transforming techniques to understand our wants, desires and a vision; ditching overwhelm, clear all that doesn’t serve you, and solidify the greatest mindset for your growth.

want to know about me?


Hello World,

I’m El, and I run Creating Time Coaching.

In brief, I spent years and years (and years) miserable and ignorant to what my life could be.

Think depression, CFS, hopelessness, and a lack of direction, flailing around filling a void with “busyness”. I used to drain my energy on “stuff” and relationships that contributed nothing - and actually detracted from my dream of living a simpler, more meaningful life.

On hitting my absolute rock bottom, I learned to clear the emotional and physical clutter. I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to, and now share in the delight of supporting you to create your dreams, time and time again.

I am free of excess stuff, anchors, obligations and pressures to continue on society’s conveyor belt.

This means saying NO to meaningless relationships, no thoughtless buying, no unnecessary to-do list, no stress, no relentless Instagram scrolling, no unfulfilling jobs, no half-arsed projects, no crappy food, no living-for-the-weekend, no excuses, no need for escapism, no debt, and nothing that does not serve my simpler life. 

It means saying YES to a clearer space, more time, better health, happiness, stronger relationships, more money, meaningful contribution to others, and knowing that you are living the life you love.

It is my mission to help you on your path  to creating the life you’d love.

I share more of my journey, including how I got to today over at Vocal. You can read my posts here:




El has featured on a number of podcasts and channels, sharing what it means to live a fulfilling life with less of the bad stuff, and more of the good.


Mindfulness Online Training

It was a pleasure to talk to author and mindfulness teacher Darren Cockburn about simplicity, mindfulness, living simply, and contributing value to the world.


I am a founding member of Vocal - you can read all of my writings and blog posts there.

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A Zero-Waste Lifestyle

What does zero-waste mean? How can I make changes today? Where does it fit in with my lifestyle?

These questions and more are answered with a great interview between El, and sustainability blogger, Nash of @attichomestead.

Enjoy this video recorded for Jo and Marta, on simplicity - and what one lesson would I love to share with the world!

The Powerfully Simple Podcast

El hosts her own podcast sharing just some of her extensive coaching tips, advice, insights and guidance on creating the lives we’d love with simplicity in mind.




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